Tuesday, June 3, 2014

What's In Your Apron?

It's a mandatory part of your uniform.

It holds all of your essential table-waiting items.

What is it?

It's your apron!
What is an apron, really?
Hmm...A piece of cloth that acts as many things. For instance,
1) It's supposed to be a "clean barrier" between you and the items you are serving. SO TAKE IT OFF BEFORE YOU HEAD TO THE JOHN!
2) It can sometimes look cute with the rest of your uniform, but does it really? Go on, you can admit it without shame. It's not like YOU designed it!
3) It holds all of your necessary crap.
I am going to let you all in on what is in my crap bag:
  • Server book, complete with notepad and previous shift clock-out slips with tips and tip-outs recorded on each [If you are not doing this, do it. It could save your butt in case of an audit!]
  • At least 1 pen, but I prefer to have about 3 as a minimum. You know, for all of those that get stolen or run out of ink in the middle of taking an order
  • A bunch of straws for when greeting tables
  • Tips

I do keep my tips in one of the pockets of my apron.
Do you compartmentalize?
Pocket 1 = tips
Pocket 2 = shit load of straws
Pocket 3 = server book and pens
I feel that organization is very important!
Now it's your turn. What does your apron look like, and what the heck is in there?!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Letter to My Pen

My Dear Pen,

I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate all that you had done for me, and I miss you very much.

You are a very lovely pen. You were all purple and glittery in the right light. You were a click. You wrote in black, and EVERYONE KNOWS that black goes well with everything! You had it all, Pen!

I keep thinking about all the shifts we could have had together, and the memories of the ones that we did have.

Do you remember that time we took that ridiculous order on that 14 top? Oh, gosh! I thought we would never get through it. I mean, how many modifications can someone make? Like, really? And everyone at the table seemed to have a strange allergy (or 2 or 3). If you don't like our menu, JUST SAY SO!

I think it took more than 2 pages to write down everyone's order and "special changes." I'm surprised you had enough ink in you after this party to keep on going.

I still have a sheet of paper with a few orders on it that we had taken together once. It has beautiful daisies all drawn in the margins. It also has what I would imagine, if it wasn't all in black, as a bright and vibrant sun in the top right corner. We sure did have some time to fill while waiting for people to figure out what they wanted after they had told us that they were ready to order. Ah, there were several times we had been taken hostage!

I knew we'd be great together the moment I saw you in that package hanging on a hook in WalMart.

I should have known better though. It was only a matter of time before bringing you around so many others every day that someone else would fancy you as much as I did.

Something told me. I had a feeling....

That one shift you would be taken from me.

You will be missed. Farewell, my pen!

                                                                                                          The Person Who Bought You